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Abcde has moved

I've given abcde to Jesus Climent. Check for the latest updates.


My apartment building, December 27, 2002 Here's pictures of what it did to my apartment building.

Abcde 2.0 Released.

Completely rewritten. Lots of new features including Ogg Vorbis support. Go get it here. More info.

I've left Zones.

Four years was enough. Now I don't have to feel guilty when I laugh at their stock price.

The Crushed Laurels Department (Past Accomplishments):

King 5 Five-O-Clock News, May 4, 2000 Yay, me and my desk are on the evening news (allegedly, I was doing something about an "ILOVEYOU" virus that day). Note the clearly visible:
  • John Wayne nameplate
  • PPro motherboard in anti-static bag
  • Three to six inches of cruft on every available square inch
  • Closed blinds - essential for working on classified information, or playing quake.
Epilogue: Before the Exchange server at Zones was brought back up, we hid it behind a Debian GNU/Linux server running Postfix. Postfix made it really easy to reject emails based on subject line. Later with the addition of amavis-perl and content filtering it became a permanent fixture at Zones, blocking dozens of email viruses per day.

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