Glossary of Defined Terms

Fausse Braye

Also spelled Fauss-Bray and Fausse Braie, sometimes erroneously spelled False Bray. A parapet (usually earthen) traced parallel to the enceinte of a fortified place between the enceinte rampart and main ditch. Its object was to increase a fortified place's power of resistance by adding an advanced enceinte that would have to be overpowered before a besieging army could attack the main rampart. The position of the fausse braye between the rampart and main ditch inhibited the defense of the ditch from the main rampart and did not materially increase the defenders' ability to prevent an enemy's attacks from reaching the rampart. This type of outwork had generally fallen out of use by the end of the seventeenth century. Later attempts to restore small arms fire capable of covering the entirety of the base of the enceinte  rampart lost by the disuse of the fausse braye can be found in the development of the chemin des rondes and crenellated detached scarp wall.

January, 2003