Glossary of Defined Terms


Adapted From Diderot, L'Encyclopedie, Arts Militaires, Plate XIIIIn sapping and siege operations a movable shield made of heavy scantling attached to a wheeled carriage that was rolled in front of a sap to cover the sappers from enemy musket fire. This type of mantlet served the same purpose as a sap roller or stuffed gabion, but was much easier to maneuver, especially in difficult or uneven ground.

Adapted From R. Delafield, Report on the Art of War in Europe.Any device used to close an embrasure and inhibit enemy small arms or artillery fire from passing through the neck of an embrasure was also referred to as a mantlet. Embrasure mantlets could be given a wide range of forms from swinging iron or wooden shutters to rope screens hung from the crest of the interior slope. Circular rope mantlets that were made to fit over the tube of a piece of artillery were popularized during the Siege of Sebastopol and also used during the American Civil War.

January, 2003